Jerry’s Camp Site &
Mandala Guest house

(hospitality&local knowledge)

accomodation capacity only 5 plus camping site
the European house in Yakushima for young minds (backpacker style) open March08

languages spoken: Japanese, English, German, Bengali

contact by phone or e-mail:
+81 (0)997-47-2694

3500Yen stay
800Yen camping

guided tour prices similar to local average
rental tent example (500Yen per head), other rental equipment as needed

the friendly hosts

came to the island in 1986 after quite some travelling. Native of Westfalia. Outdoorman.
Activities included subcontracting hiking trail work for 10 years, 1month or 2 at a time.
The only beekeeper on Yakushima. Migrating north in the summer with about 20 hives.
Accepted wwoofers and couchsurfers so far who helped to maintain 1/2 an acre of land that was bought.
A guide since before the island became world heritage site.

Naoko graduate of Rudolf Steiner college (Sacramento,CA), taught Japanese at Golden Valley charter school (CA).
Worked at the Yakushima YH office specializing in organizing trips and activities to the busy visitor.

Jerry the mascot bird. A blue&gold macaw bred in Singapore. 5 years with us on Yakushima and travelled to Hokkaido every summer. Sad to say this is a memory shot as the bird flew off in Hokkaido on 8/8/2009 and wasn't seen or found after that dispite a lot of efforts.We miss him. And only the migration birds passing right at our seafront location can condole us for this loss.

scenic location
bus stop Futamata-Gawa
the situation is on the outskirts of Onoaida a few hundred meters east of JR Hotel right at the coastal cliff. 10 min walk to a hot spring, supermarket, post office, some restaurants
(local hot spring open 7am-9pm)

lounge with English TV, internet free for reasonable time slots
WIFI works most of times
free bicycles for Onoaida trips, but charge for flat tyres.

trekking guide examples

day trip upto 3 persons 20.000Yen(add 6.000Y for additional member):

Jyomon sugi
Shiratani unsuikyo
Yakusugiland (1/2day possible), Tenmon no mori
Hana-no-eigo, Kurumidake

2day trip
(overnight stay at (Shin- or)Takatsuka hut) 1trip 50.000Yen

school trip
(upto 20 students for trekking) by arrangement possible

snorkeling trip (upto 10 persons)


snorkeling set ( mask and fins ) 1000Yen per day
tent (family typ) 500Yen per day
other camping equipment in limited quantities available
most outdoor equipment and wear can be rented on the island

transport to mountain trail

campside/guesthouse to Yodogawa or Arakawa trail entrance transport 5000Yen, upto 4 persons


the location in spring

Beekeeping is one more activity. After collecting honey from the Onoaida spring flowers I go to Hokkaido in summer (from June) for 10 years now. That way from April to August there is honey season. For the first time I kept bees in the himalayas and liked it so much that I started again when moving to Yakushima 23 years ago. Will show you
the work if you come in the busy season.

1/2 day workshops possible in the season (April-May)” all about a beekeepers work”